My Name Is Kyle and I am Going to Save The World. How am I going to do that? Let's find out.

Nothing is going to save us if it doesn't start with love. I have a tattoo that is based on a mewithoutyou lyric. "GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS REAL" That is the first principle. Thats the first Discipline. It's all about Love. Plain and simple. Love others, Love yourself, Love the process.

We must all remember that none of us are perfect. Especially me. I have been the worst person I know. I try not to judge, but I do. I try not to be cruel, but I am. I try not to get anger and still lose my cool. I still must try and find Love. Somewhere, somehow, someway. It has to come back to love.

The reason we start with Love is because the alternative is not very good. To start with anger, to start with anxiety, to start with contempt, to start with defeat. All of these lead to unfavorable outcomes. Anything else but love is a faulty foundation. We start with love because its the best first step.

I say this not from a place of knowledge, but from a place of experience. It is literally the toughest practice. And no one has ever perfected it that I've seen. I can believe stories if I chose to. The reality is that in my immediate surroundings over my lifetime I have never seen a person handle every situation in their life with 100 percent unconditional love. It's so uncommon I believe it is a truly impossible task. Still, we must try.

We are ALL going to fuck up. I am going to fuck up today. At some point I will be riding my bike or standing in line or communicating with someone and there will be contempt, there will be frustration, there will be humor, there will be eagerness to move on to the next thing, there will be the desire to be somewhere else, doing something else with someone else. Its never going to be pure unbridled LOVE.

Look at a terrorist suicide bomber guy. He'll strap a vest with an explosive bomb on his chest and yell some crazy shit before blowing himself up and killing everyone around him. He does this awful, evil, disgusting act, because he believes he will enter into heaven with 72 virgins and eternal unconditional LOVE. Thats how powerful love is, people kill one another because they believe that they will be rewarded by being loved. THATS FUCKING INSANE!!

Love is so powerful, its how we create each other. Whats the first thing we say when a little kid asks "where do babies come from?" We laugh, blush and answer "When a man LOVES a woman..." What do we call fucking? MAKING LOVE. So as a species, humans start with love, we come from love and we cum from love. Thats why it only makes sense that if we are going to saves this world that is spinning down a spiral of hate, anger, deceit, greed, bigotry and all the other awful human traits, to always land on our foundation. The place we all came from LOVE. Now, obviously not everyone who is born is conceived in a pure loving manor by two completely in love parents, I understand that the world is at this point, an extremely flawed place.

There are 8 Billion people walking around this big beautiful planet of ours. All of which have passed through the legs of a woman. Yes, advances in science and technology may change all that(I really hope it doesn't). The truth is that 8 billion people are here because 8 billion times a woman chose to carry, nurture and support the growing human inside if her for 9 months and then go through the absolutely insane process of childbirth. I don't care what anyone tells me. Thats Love. So the Human existence starts with love and should always come back to love. Its the best shot we have.

Climate change, crippling debt, pandemics, war for profit, war for resources, lack of resources, evil tyrants, fascist dictators, reality TV. These are all real problems and there is no easy solution to any of them. But every solution has to be rooted in love. Not because Love is some magic cure to whatever the problem may be. But because love is the foundation we are all built upon. The reason human kind evolved is solely out of love. If humans didn't love each other, whats the point? Why build safe infrastructure? Why try to advance to safer ground? Why try and build a better future for our families? LOVE!

Alright, we all get it? LOVE

Now that we have established our foundation that will be expanded on and will grow as time continues to pass by. We can now grant ourselves the opportunity to think of what is next. We often don't think about the move after our next move. Yet, here we are having solved all the worlds problems with "Love" and nothing has really changed. My life is literally the same. I know the answer to the greatest test ever and I have no riddle to solve.

But while I have the time let's go ahead make it a riddle. What is the opposite of the greatest thing ever? What is the opposite of love? Is it hate? Probably. Do I want to find out? I don't know. "Hate is a strong word." is an annoying phrase. Can we agree on that at least? I hate "Hate is a strong word". Hate is a tricky thing. What does it mean to hate? Where does hate come from? Does it come from the same place as love?

NO. The answer is simple no. Love and hate do not come from the same place.

OK. Where does love come from and where does hate come from?

Why does love and hate have to come from a place?

To make it simple, lets take the emotions out of it. What do we love? What do we hate? Lets also keep the lists to things and objects, let's avoid people for now.

What do I love? I love music. I listen to a lot of music. I love the power that music has. Even music I don't like, I don't hate it. Because I don't have to listen to music I don't like. But if someone loves it then who am I to hate it? I just wont listen to it.

Love can mean the absence of other emotions. To simply not respond at all. Love can mean space. Space for the people involved. Space for the situation. Space for silence to give perspective. The Ego is what makes us feel that we need to fix every situation. Its my ego that makes me think I need to argue a point. Sometimes getting up, walking away or not saying whats exactly on my mind is the best way to express love.

To save this world of ours is a large task. But the only real enemy isn't other people, it isn't the other side or some other country. The only enemy is hate. Hate is toxic, evil and gross. Yet everyone who is going to save the world has hate. We hate traffic, cancer, pedophiles. And hate is the definition of a necessary evil. Hate can manifest itself in so many painful and ugly ways. Anger, jealousy, revenge. These are just a few ways that hate takes over the human condition. The only way to beat hate is to combat hate with competition. So rather than think of hate, think of time. We must continue to fund and conduct cancer research so that we can eradicate cancer. We must compete against cancer and win. We must hold people who want to hurt children accountable, let that hate turn into love for our future.